Mobile ads’ promise eludes Facebook

Sitting here in the Nespresso Boutique Bar on Lincoln Road I stumbled upon this articles that quoted these MOBILE FACTS according to an article in USA TODAY! I was very surprised. The market for the mobile ads that dot smartphone and tablet screens is expected to soar to $10.8 billion in U.S. sales by 2016, […]

Facebook – A busted IPO

Sipping a coffee at Nespresso I watched the IPO unfold and drop dead! And just days after the most anticipated I.P.O. since Google or so, shares at Facebook are down about seven dollars from their initial price. Last week alone, Facebook’s stock dipped 8.5 percent. And so whose fault is it, really? Financial analysts are […]

What if Zimmerman’s not a racist?

Did Zimmerman believe he had total dominion over his gated neighborhood? Did he believe that he could enforce the law, judge people or pursue them based on his own judgment, thus ignoring his only role as neighborhood watch volunteer commander – to report suspicious behavior and not to take power into his own hands?”

Whitney Houston was warned!

Whitney Houston’s tragic death was forecast 2 years ago by an expert who warned Whitney would die within 5 years unless she made immediate drastic life changes. Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD was quoted in the National Enquirer pleading to Whitney to stop her erratic behavior and take care of herself physically, mentally and […]

Plum Magazine calling it quits?

On Thursday September 1, 2011 without warning Jerry Powers resigned as CEO of Plum TV Miami. The next day Jerry Powers revealed why he left to the Miami Herald. Plum TV is the cable network that allegedly caters to the affluent residents of luxury markets like Aspen, the Hamptons, Miami Beach, Nantucket, Telluride  and Marthas […]

Bradley S. Jacobs invests in 

Jacobs to Become Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Too many “I’s” in Miami! LeBron chumps out.

LeBron James turns out to be a chump and not a champ this year after all Not much more to say after my previous blog about this guy. Actions speak louder than words. Let this be a lesson for Lebron and the other two kings. Walk the walk before you promise what you cannot deliver. I hope […]

Men who marry up but cheat down

“Why do powerful men cheat with powerless women? To compensate for a lack of power in their romantic relationships”, says Los Angeles based Human Behavior Expert, Therapist and author of “Get Over It – breakups, betrayals and rejection!”, Patrick Wanis PhD. “Power in the boardroom is meaningless to men – their real power comes from […]

Japanese Fashion Updates

As we all know Japan has been hit hard and many have been affected. The best of Japanese fashions can be viewed on this special page which provides information on the Japanese fashion scene. Visit this site often for updates on Japanese shows, installations and exhibits. Watch our videos on the StyleWise iTunes podcast. Subscribe now […]

Rejection will push Sheen over the edge

“The boos and rejection by the audience at Charlie Sheen’s first live performance will only worsen Sheen’s already fragile mental and emotional state and could push him over the edge” warns warns Los Angeles based therapist and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD. “Sheen has never experienced rejection on such a large scale before and […]

Shop. Eat. Party. Sleep?

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